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Sky Luster Lantern 3"

Sky Luster Lantern 3"

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Sky Luster Lantern 2"

Bring a touch of enchantment to your holiday decor with our 2-inch Hand-Blown Glass Christmas Ornament in Sky Blue Iridescent Luster finish. This exquisite ornament features a captivating sky blue hue with an iridescent luster finish, creating a mesmerizing play of colors in the light. The delicate hand-blown glass is complemented by a bronze metal top for secure hanging and a coordinating silk organza ribbon, adding a sophisticated touch to your Christmas tree.


• Enchanting sky blue color with iridescent luster finish for a magical effect
• Hand-blown glass craftsmanship ensures unique and intricate detailing
• Sturdy bronze metal top for secure hanging
• Delicate 2-inch size, perfect for various tree sizes
• Comes with a coordinating silk organza ribbon for effortless hanging


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