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Gold Antique Glass Ring

Gold Antique Glass Ring

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Antique clear glass ring made from Coca-Cola bottle glass with a matte finish and chunky square shape. 22K Matte gold over pewter hammered base. These rings are something to behold! Created using recycled bottle glass. They are stunning and unique. Handcrafted and one of kind. Adjustable too! Fits from size 4-8. Adjust ring to size and slip on and off over finger. Too much adjusting may weaken band.

This unique ring will come wrapped perfect for gift giving. Handmade in USA.

  • Materials: Coca-Cola bottle glass with a matte finish and 22K matte gold over pewter hammered base
  • Sizing Information: Adjustable from sizes 4 to 8
  • Color: Green
  • Metal Color: Gold
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