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Kenna Prism Necklace

Kenna Prism Necklace

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A statement necklace in mixed metals, created with an antique silver topped crystal prism, chunky 12K gold over brass toggle clasp for a stylish front closure and oval detailed antique silver chain. Chain measures approximately 18.5 inches in length, pendant adds additional 1.5 inches. Pictured with the Gold Luv Earrings and Gold Modern Cuff. Wear this with anything. Handmade in Charleston SC. Comes beautifully wrapped perfect for gift giving!

  • Materials: Silver-topped crystal prism, 12K gold over brass toggle clasp, and oval-detailed antique silver chain
  • Dimensions: 18.5" chain with 1.5" pendent
  • Color: Silver
  • Metal Color: Silver, Gold, Brass
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